what we shape, shapes you

Sustainable architecture is just the beginning!

Greenhaus Architecture’s philosophy is based on the ecological building and design principles of the Building Biology and Ecology Institute. Promoting the most sustainable, healthy and harmonious building solutions possible, and making them accessible to everyone.

The Building Biology and Ecology Institute was established in Germany in 1960’s.  The use of the word HAUS in Greenhaus helps link and honour the German origins and the training that the Institute has given the GreenHAUS team.

GHA are involved in projects throughout New Zealand. From a critique of your designs, through to multi residential and subdivision planning.  Our commercial project experience includes galleries, wineries, motel and resort work. 

our thoughts on architecture:

Our  architecture, homes, work spaces and neighborhoods deeply affect us on all levels, with that in mind, the entire built environment needs to be designed to be happier.  That is our mission. Happy buildings, happier clients and very happy architects.   An architecture that is fun, inspirational and uplifting also intrinsically embodies all the healthy and sustainable practices outlined in the BBE principles.  

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Otaki House designed by Alex Greig