GreenHAUS Architects practice philosophy is based on the Building Biology and Ecology Institute’s Principles of Ecological Building and Design.  These Principles offer, what we believe to be the highest standards in sustainable and ecological building.  The Building Biology and Ecology Institute was established in Germany in 1960’s.  The use of the word HAUS in GreenHAUS helps link and honour the German origins and the training that the Institute has given the GreenHAUS team.

We are passionate about delivering the best architectural result for any project that has an eco objective.  We are involved in projects from a critique of your designs, through to multi residential and subdivision planning.  Our commercial project experience includes galleries, wineries, motel and resort work. 

We have completed projects and in progress around New Zealand.  From Doubtless Bay in the Far North to Bluff in the Far South. 

 LEFT: J  ansen House Hawkes Bay   Design by client and Alex Greig.    Right:   Dhaj Sumners   Sleepout, Far North   Designed by Dhaj Sumner and others  

 LEFT: Jansen House Hawkes Bay Design by client and Alex Greig.  Right: Dhaj Sumners Sleepout, Far North Designed by Dhaj Sumner and others  

Insights Into our thoughts on architecture:

Our  architecture, our homes, work spaces and neighborhoods deeply affect us on all levels, with that, the entire built environment needs to be designed to be happier.  That's our mission.  Happy buildings, happier clients and very happy architects.   An architecture that is fun, inspirational and uplifting also intrinsically embodies all the healthy and sustainable practices outlined in the BBE principles.  


Alex Greig   Architect Wellington, 0274465146

Alex Greig
Wellington, 0274465146

Alex is a registered NZ architect annually contributing to the design of around 25 or so happy and healthier homes and buildings around New Zealand.  He has over 30 years in architecture and the building industry.  His eco-architectural journey started during his early teens and has evolved into helping pioneer a pathway toward a more sustainable and regenerative architecture.  He has also taught eco architecture workshops in New Zealand for 15 years and more recently in India.  

He is architect partner with the Prithwe Institute in India for a new international eco architecture school.  Over his career, he has been on the design and documentation team for many high rise buildings, an airport, resorts, motels, student accommodation, restaurants, and school buildings.

When he’s not designing and teaching you can usually find him in the ocean - scuba and free diving - or on the beach with his family. 

Steve Jaycock    Architectural Designer   WhangereI, Far North, 0211704558

Steve Jaycock
Architectural Designer
WhangereI, Far North, 0211704558

Steve is expert in straw bale construction.   He has recently achieved a Master's Professional qualification in Architecture, with a focus on low cost straw bale construction using a prefabricated modular design approach.  

His love of straw bale has led him to design several straw bale homes and he is now working on one for himself and his wife at Foxton Beach.  He also has a passion for doing more with less, and is always dreaming up new projects and carrying them out inventively.  This includes building his own 3D printer, of which is printing many of the parts for another.




Brighid Critchlow   Architect UK   Nelson, Tasman, 0211015166

Brighid Critchlow
Architect UK  
Nelson, Tasman, 0211015166

Brighid has a strong background in ecological design, education, research, sustainable housing, community buildings, self-build projects and educational buildings. Her deepest passion and interests lie in exploring human health, nature and the outdoors. "All of my architecture strives to help us to connect withthe natural environment, to connect deeply with ourselves and to understand and utilize the vast potential to positively affect the vibration of the built environment,
and therefore to positively affect our health."
Her work in New Zealand and the UK has included art and music studios, primary care and health centres, community and recreation buildings, eco-housing, schools and educational facilities, spiritual and retreat centres and eco renovations. Brighid is involved in BBE workshops and promotion.  
Brighid is a Dru Yoga teacher and a Pranic Healer. She has been walking in the mountains of Scotland from an early age and still enjoys all the camping, tramping, fell running, mountain biking and cycle touring that Nelson has to offer.


Andrew Nichols
Architectural Designer
Hawkes Bay,

As an experienced architectural designer, Andrew has a high level of expertise in a wide range of areas, from minor alteration work through to complex multi-storey residential, large scale commercial and industrial projects, restaurants and cafe re-developments, shop frontages & fit-outs etc.  The majority of Andrew's projects are residential houses with a key focus on biologically and ecologically healthy design.  A key focus over the past few years has been the on-going development of a holistic solution for a biologically and environmentally healthy, affordable and sustainable living environment particularly in rural or semi-rural settings. 

Devani Hardik  Designer, Architectural Tech. Wellington, 0223920817   

Devani Hardik
Designer, Architectural Tech.
Wellington, 0223920817


Devani is young Architectural Designer trained by Architects and Designers in New Zealand. He obtained his Diploma in Architectural Technology from Wellington Institute of Technology. Devani did his High School in India, while in High School, he found his passion for Sustainable Architecture after he successfully Designed and Built his first Sustainable Interior Fit-out from recycled materials. He moved to New Zealand in 2013 and his Contributions since then extend to Developments all over New Zealand.

Devani is very passionate about people, he believes in bringing communities together to celebrate our cultures and differences. He supports local communities and works towards the goal of making our world a better place.

When he is not working you will find Devani on adventures: either travelling, Skiing or on the Beach.

We have a strong network of design and building professionals around the country to serve our national projects.